Chemical Tank Cleaning

The operations at DİLMAK TANKER Chemical Tank Cleaning and Treatment Station are carried out in accordance with the standards set by the European Chemical Transport Association (ECTA). A European Cleaning Document (ECD) is issued in as per the sustainable safety and quality standards.

Tank Container Inspection and Maintenance Repair

DİLMAK TANKER offers superior-quality tank container repair, maintenance, revision, and painting services in their plant that use the highest technologie cleaning machines.

Tank Container Storage

DİLMAK TANKER also offers ISO Container storage area at European standards as an option in the field of complementary services.


Tank Container Heating

Tank container heating services offered by DİLMAK TANKER are carried out with the aim of ensuring the recovery of lost substances, since liquid chemicals may lose their fluidity over time due to adverse weather conditions, especially seasonal changes, or product characteristics.

Tank Container Storage


Security Service

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