Chemical Tank Cleaning Istanbul Turkey

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Chemical Tanker Cleaning Istanbul Turkey

A wide range of chemicals is carried in chemical tankers. Therefore, there are always risks of cargo additives from cross valves that leak due to insufficient preload cleaning or contamination of the final cargo tank residue.
In order to ensure that chemicals, such as mineral oils and additives that are the raw materials of products used in daily life, fatty acids, chemicals used in the paint industry, oil esters, raw materials, and chemicals used in the cleaning industry, binding agents and resins, construction chemicals, monomers, latex, and acrylate, are transported in the most hygienic environment possible, Dilmak Tanker Washing Istanbul Turkey provides superior-quality chemical tanker/tank container services. Cleaning of trucks and tank containers used for transportation is carried out using the “Steam Impact Technology” developed by Butterworth.
Tank container vehicles have great importance for the functioning of the global-scale industry and for the transportation of a product from one location to another. These vehicles enable the movement of goods and materials. In order for tanker/tank container vehicles to be able to transport new goods and materials, a superior level of hygiene must be ensured. Thus, the new product can be transported without deterioration or any change to its structure. Being aware of the importance of tanker/tank container cleaning, DİLMAK TANKER continues its activities as per the standards required for superior service.

Technology, Innovation & Environment

The operations at DİLMAK Chemical Tanker Cleaning and Treatment Station Istanbul Turkey are carried out in accordance with the standards set by the European Chemical Transport Assosiation (ECTA). A European Cleaning Document (ECD) is issued as per the sustainable safety and quality standards.

SQAS can be defined as a program that establishes the performance, quality, health, safety, security, and environmental and corporate responsibility standards of companies that provide road transportation, cleaning, and intermodal transportation services.

Accordingly, the European Chemical Transport Assosiation regularly audits logistics companies under SQAS. Thus, it aims to maximize the service quality of the sector. For these reasons, SQAS is an important evaluation criteria in the chemical logistics industry.

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Established in 2004, DİLMAK Chemical Tanker Cleaning and Treatment Plant Istanbul Turkey ensures the best sterilization of tankers and containers carrying chemical substances and thus prepares the hygienic environment required for the transportation of chemical substances. Having ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, European Cleaning Document (ECD), and Chemical Transport Vehicle Cleaners Association (KTTD) of Turkey Cleaning Certificate, our plant serves at European standards.

Cleaning Quality

In its Tank Container Cleaning Istanbul Turkey plant organized as per the European Standards, DİLMAK TANKER uses the latest technological products and thus obtains maximum efficiency from the process. In the processes carried out in accordance with the cleaning criteria and conditions for products, the water is softened by lowering its pH. Extra soft water ensures that tanker/tank container cleaning results in better quality.

With the use of state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, 180 liters of water is consumed per minute, and thus less water and energy are used to provide ecofriendly and maximum-efficiency service.

The fact that the water used is extra softened and that the pH is reduced up to 5 through the reverse osmosis system increases our cleaning quality.

Considering the cleaning criteria depending on the product, container cleaning and sterilization are carried out at a suitable temperature.

Superior Technology and High Capacity

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DİLMAK Tank Cleaning Station Istanbul Turkey has the capacity to clean 6 units at the same time and treat 20,000 tons per day. Internal and external cleaning of tankers and containers carrying chemicals are performed quickly and safely by the experts in their fields.

The inner compartment of tankers and containers used to transport chemicals is sterilized by the “Steam Impact Technology” developed by Butterworth. Steam Impact Technology allows tankers to be washed and treated using less energy and cleaning chemicals. It is possible to perform the cleaning process at a suitable temperature according to the type of container and the product being transported.

In order to prevent chemical wastes that may occur during the chemical tanker/tank container cleaning and treatment process from becoming an environmental risk, DİLMAK Chemical Tanker Cleaning and Treatment Station provides an ecofriendly service. Accordingly, it has a high level of sensitivity in complying with the standards established by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Thus, it makes the highest possible contribution to environmental sustainability and the protection of natural resources in order to leave a healthy future for our children.