Tank Container Inspection and Maintenance Repair Istanbul Turkey

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Tanker Maintenance and Repair Istanbul Turkey

The most important elements of the logistics sector are surveillance and inspection services because security must be satisfied at the highest level in the logistics sector. Although tank repair and container repair can be an extremely costly processes; if they are offered with superior service quality, they can become a factor that adds added value to businesses. In its plants that use the latest technological machines, DİLMAK TANKER offers superior-quality tank container repair, maintenance, revision, and painting services.

Tank Container Maintenance and Repair

Tank containers must be serviced regularly to keep them in working condition. Changes in the walls of tanks and reservoirs can lead to the constant effect of aggressive media of various structures, gases under high pressure, and volatile chemical compounds. This worsens the tightness of the equipments and may render them unusable over time

Tanker Periodic Maintenance and Repair Istanbul Turkey vehicles may be in question under the following conditions:

Mechanical damage;

Noticing changes in the outer coating of the tank;

Identifying a potentially dangerous leak source; and

Sweating of the content, etc.

All preventive and repair work related to tanker/tank containers is carried out by certified experts experienced in containers for the storage of potentially hazardous materials. Troubleshooting is completed as soon as possible so as not to lose the quantity and technical properties of the unstable substance.

Tank Container Periodic Inspection Istanbul Turkey

Periodic inspection is highly important to prevent malfunctions and reduce damage in mechanical vehicles having many parts. With its tanker/tank container periodic inspection services, DİLMAK TANKER carries out maintenance and repair operations every 2.5 and 5 years. 

Major damages are prevented by taking precautions against possible malfunctions through periodic inspection services. Providing well-maintained transportation services by tanker/tank containers is highly important in terms of maintaining the quality of products and materials. DİLMAK provides periodic inspection services for tankers/tank containers in accordance with quality standards.

Tank Container Painting and Tank Container Revision Istanbul Turkey

Tanker painting process can be done for not only aesthetic purposes but also to prevent corrosion. In addition, it’s important for tanker containers to be periodically revised. Tanker revision is a process done to ensure the tanker container operates safely and effectively.

Tank Container Revision typically includes cleaning of the inside and outside surfaces of the tanker container, painting, replacing or repairing necessary parts, checking and maintaining safety systems, etc.